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During the winter and spring months, residence in the south of Europe or
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Animal parasites also occur in the mouth and tongue, such as hydatids,
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as widely diffused over the abdomen as in a general peritonitis. But
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tions inflicted upon children are careless exhibitions of an im-
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and hollow eyes are now filled out and flushed, the tongue becomes brown
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cause is occasionally present. A slowly dilating cervix is most
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distended to accommodate all the blood in the body, — that sudden
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the whole length of the peritoneum and the superficial layers of
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cafe it is laid to be ill Ihaped, and commonly heavy
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received diets high in protein ; others, diets high in fat ; and others again,
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as well as with saliva. A dirty feeding-bottle is a frequent cause of the
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margin of the proglottides, and can usually be readily seen.
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disposal of the sputum and the prevention of it from becoming dry or
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be made to pufh againfh that part, by plugging it up
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no detail from the previous cases. It is a distinct help in cases showing moderate
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does not suffer from hasmatemesis or piles ; and I have seen the whole of the
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is acquired directly by the introduction of the bacilli through a wound,
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months there developed cyanosis, and coldness of the extremities followed
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it is highly recommended, especially in anaemia and
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fatty infiltration, and cirrhosis are occasionally found. Multiple abscesses
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The second groii]) are trained for the evaeuation. base and
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could be easily applied with an ordinary oil atomizer. However.
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are rarely followed by abscesses. Pain at the seat of injection, infiltration,
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the cervical and descends to the thoracic joints, and often ends with
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Toronto ; Professor J. J. R. Macleod, University of Toronto ; Professor
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The afferent fibres have their cell stations mainly in the geniculate gang-
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pliyfic, giving the alterative medicine on the interme-
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ftallions. It is a very long time fince the Arabians
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General peritonitis. — The onset of symptoms is, as a rule, sudden and
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detect the presence of tubercles. Sometimes the meningeal tubercles
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use of carbohydrates in the diet, and must have an eye to the total
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alkaline reaction in the vagina, and, in approximately 50 per
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