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from the blood supply; hence this must be sufficient in quantity and

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this subject in the profession and the legislature. It


the cause. Old people are more subject to attacks of vertigo than

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malaise. The acute stage of the disease lasts from one to two

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Bouchardat : De la Glycosurie ou Diabete Sucre. Paris, 1875.

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Friction of the skin with a coarse towel should follow the bath; if

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allusions, that the building intended to " answer the

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these exceptions, skin affections must be classed among the rarer manifesta-

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a destroyer of disease germs, and contributes more than we are

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In the albuminuria of fevers, which constitutes a well-defined variety,

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waves. Young people who bathe in the surf are inclined to remain

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combating the severity of the symptoms. The feet may be soaked in

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the bladder, or it may result from the infirmities of old age or from

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atmosphere. It may gain admittance to the system by means of the

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bite of a spider is to some extent poisonous but it is hardly to be be-

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mushrooms, tomatoes, or other vegetables, and occasionally fish.

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The girls, not a few but nearly all of them, are getting OUt-of-doors

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Under all circumstances, the diet in diabetes must be so ordered that the

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the disturbing agencies. They do not themselves produce the dis-

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erection and maintenance, in connection with the Col-

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In the anaemic type of corpulence, among girls, women, and

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Only the individual, but the whole human race, in a constant and vig-

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VII. Angina Pectoris or Neuralgia of the Heart, - 363

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cholagogue cathartics should be used in small and laxative doses. It

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tion, and iodide of iron, which is highly spoken of by Sir A. Garrod,

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the entire body, with terebinthinate vapors from pine needles and

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lias not arrived. Firm pressure can be made over the womb by an

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the amount of ammonia excreted in the urine affords an index of the extent

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likely to advance materially our knowledge of the pathogenesis and