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dengue of Syria which invaded Paris simultaneously with


The appetite is very irregular — at one time it is lost ; at an-

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artificial serum. They urinated without difficulty. After

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Softening of the mucous tunic of the stomach has been alread}*^ men-

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for the year was regularly received. An interesting report, by

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courses over the dorsal pons fibres, being concave in correspondence with the con-

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from a situation within the circulatory system more or less distant, a

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many resisted a long time; that is why acute cases should rather be treated

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perament and whole constitution, and leads to degeneracy. It mul-

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and is not to be accounted for by the latter ; hence, the propriety of consid-

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the patient is almost distinctive. It is impossible, with care,

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becomes established.^ The liver presents the primary condition and

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amounts empirically allowed by these business corporations correspond

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white paint, while the ventilation was regulated by electric

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axonal degeneration involves the cells of the anterior horns so that this,

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from the assemblage of all the parts" — this character, which is more simple

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given (J(ieger)y and we often meet with cases answering the descrip-

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Other nervous symptoms noted were diminished cutaneous sensibility

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every person sul)scquent to the date of the passage of

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swelling. No communication with abdominal cavity. Septic

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in small tumors. If the tumor is allowed to go on to

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the food is delayed. In such cases fermentation and gas production

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judgment of the proportion of myelocytes. Later investigators, however, have found

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proceed to a favourable issue. Neither did these symptoms

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ing that they cannot hope for safety until they shall have lieen cinchouized.

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by a gypsum splint or encasement is used as in accidental fractures

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Mr. Mond has endowed scientific research in a munifi-

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swelling that is still going on in the growing peripheral portion of the

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" magical ; " and Rumour is scarcely full enough of tongues to

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the distinguishing characteristics of such mental dis-

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When this is done it is an easy matter to bring out all the pile tumors,

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of the sulphide, dissolved in hydrochloric acid, may be introduced with pure

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may, when acquired by postnatal infection, become circumscribed or

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employed, found 388 cases of lead poisoning occurring in a

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dyspepsia, in which he stated that he had achieved a

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Griffith, Richard J., Esq., Surgeon, at 15, Adelaide Road South,