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the value of clinical teaching that the Charity Hospital Medical College,

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his sociological condition, brought out by the investigation,

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latter investigators the following conclusions are to be drawn:

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Noon, 5 pounds ground grain (measured dry), made into maO.

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Treatments were recontinued and the patient gradually improved again.

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was not clear as to the proportionate number and that the population at

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throughout the .l^T D^^nofun^ '° '"""'"" " ""^^ ■""'="

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pregnancy or labor. It may be either internal (concealed),

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is frequently seen in this condition. Still others think a neu-

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needed was capital and labor to build the great rail-

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ature, by which time a fine coagulum has usually formed. This is re-

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various sorts. Already very valuable publications have issued

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full-time, paid, district physicians, was read and referred to the Civic

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W. T. Howard, in discussion, called attention to the distribution of

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medical society of the county to which he removes, without

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a safe source of supply. The water is polluted and at times

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Cuyahoga River, and one-half mile out into the lake.

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of Infant Mortality has also organized a Eugenics Section and

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Weber's relation to the Association. His membership in the Association

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muUiplied by 6,K^ua.. 373.000 poundf ^ ,^|er 'p^^^i fl^

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previously, at which time trouble with vision had led him to be refracted.

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renal deficiency is relatively great and the liver damage rela-

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in the central end of the thoracic aorta, the inferior vena cava

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comes to the surgical case comes when he finds he must go to

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siasms of single individuals. This state of affairs may be remedied when

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whether this is due to congenital arrest of development or to

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bers of B. coli were present. Many of these could be accounted

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a drawback of one kind of another? With reliable preparations of the

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mendation of citrus fruits to prevent scurvy. Watson

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rather than smooth and placid cast of countenance. 3, Erection

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"Brevity is said to be the soul of wit. Its use does not necessarily

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appears in the appendix various helpful instructional

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culous, denoting respectively the gouty and those descending from tuber-

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reflexes were present, and the pupillary and ocular movements were

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was not clear as to the proportionate number and that the population at

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Erie's now is, so that the change was more marked than