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pressure tracings when chloroform is injected into the verte-
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F.R.C.S., the whole of the London University examinations up to the
flagyl metronidazol 500 mg ovulos para que sirve
enormous doses in whicli we administered them. Tlie
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and upwards to the left side, running through the left petrous
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The fact wlilcli we have just mentioned to aflbrd an ever-memorable exanij)Ie to
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diplomas. I am sure you would not include such gentlemen among
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deed the respiratory and vasomotor centres are so related to
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Grant Medical College, Bombay, and .^.berdeen College : J. M. K.
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regained its original height of 162 mm. (Fig. 6, Tracings^, h,
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thyroid was begun in October, 1891, in doses somewhat larger
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thousand Europeans, and say one hundred thousand Eura-
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times at intervals. At 8.30 a.m. on December 23rd the bowels
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Examination of the chest revealed nothing definite. On
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laws of tlie body as a whole. These general physiological laws
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his case in Lecture III, Bhitish Medical Journal, May 21st, 1802,
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Fig. ^.-February SSrd, 1S91. Cross Circulation. Two Rabbits.
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At the annual public meeting of the Paris Acadcmie des
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the study of the family history of cancer patients it was con-
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sixth are medical men. This rellects little credit on the
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round the soft palate the vegetations could be felt in the naso-
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with a pressure of the feeder of 78 mm., chloroform inhaled
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I have not the least doubt that in some cases, much gcod is
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any ill effects produced by the drugs tliemselves, even in the
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Bethnal Green, St <ieorge-in-the-East, Limehouse, Mile End Old Town.
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Holman, London; Mr. E. Hale, Bristol; VV. C. Haswell, M.B., New-
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reducing agents. The chemical details of the author's ex-
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Honorary Secretary of the District, Dr. Edward Ground. 1, Ashford Road,
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under the scalp and inwards towards the brain, and formed
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that of Marshal and Wife i\ Anderson. The Alliance is advised by its
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T/ie Cholera Epidemic in France. — More Disturbances among