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as much as 10 cm. (4 inches) in their greatest diameter. The edges are

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few days, subsidence taking place rapidly also. Otitis media may fol-

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any difficulty in diagnosing the aff'ection nor any likelihood of confound-

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pain and tenderness on pressure, and in some instances fluctuation on

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purely hypothetic, however, for only two uncombined cases have been

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Nuclear. — The lesion is usually degenerative. It may either be of

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becomes subject to a red eczematous eruption in some cases of great

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other affections with that repertory, yet some slight changes in pro-

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Predisposing causes are — (a) aye — it being most common after forty

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with in hemiplegia of adults. Without premonitory symptoms a loss of

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To have uniform material for examination from known food-

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five cases, is inclined to support these views, advocating supra-

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and subsequently by the use of salines or glycerin suppositories a daily

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diet or muscular effort) may be obtainable. Again, preceding the

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delegates from points east of Chicago to board the train at Toledo about

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were of infants under one year of age. In general, one death out

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hypostasis, and a careful physical examination of the lower lobes of the

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Westboro Insane Hospital; which now accommodates more than

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cephalus. It consists of a loss of cerebral substance, cysts of various

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employed, the palm of one band being placed over the spine and that

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thrombosis ; (h) cicatricial contraction from cirrhosis or syphilis of the

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near objects. Westphal and Piltz have recently discovered independ-

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enumerated above, when bilateral, beget double facial paralysis.

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Efforts to acidify the urine are indicated "when the calculus happens

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as they escape from under the hand as it presses against the posterior

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and affects principally the corpuscles. Anemia due to the poisons of

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omental lymph-glands, and not infrequently from a displaced right

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face gradually assumes the cachectic appearance which, in the advanced

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