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done only after the operator has made sure of the position of the sound.

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work into which the anterior cornu has become resolved. Again, I have

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ator. It was not a very genteel position, especially if

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port of these charities by the workingmen, in return for which,

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greatest number of cases suffering from endemic typhus

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The view that the posterior longitudinal fasciculus contains

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successor, boldly claimed that in this way he had cured

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once removed, ever so little, until anaesthesia is com-

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He says that of the term hippocamp, by a curious mis-

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eggs or mucilage of acacia or mixed with a light claret or hot milk,

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with colleagues, consultations, clinics, medical societies, and

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2 per cent, solution of formalin in glycerin through the same

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delay, as street accidents are as rife as ever and the ex-

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In the more widely distributed infections the inflammation is

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and is certainly one of the ancient miracles reproduced in modern

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mencing structural curves. In forming a diagnosis between these three classes,

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is one of the richest communities in the kingdom 38,113 patients were last

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very severe nature came on^ which were relieved by prompt

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cases that he did not remove the lens in the capsule, he succeeded in

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pearance of patients who have died from cholera in its cold

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that numbness had extended to the ankle on the other side.

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died of cystic tumor of the ovary. In this family history the pre-

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warmth is found in houses at the time that the malaria

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on the subject, it seems evident that we can have va-

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by me at the office of Bellevue Hospital — is twenty-live by

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mancant, corrunipuntur, et fuppurationem vel gangrsnam producunt^

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He said that the only methods of treatment worthy of serious

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"It is evident that, until it is put out of the power of the

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left arms, and right hands. Genital complications were observed in three

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already noticed. Under these circumstances, the affected side may ]>e

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11. ALLEGORY OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, School of Hendrik Goltzius.

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compressed. It is a low-pressure pulse. This man's blood-pressure is :

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9. Havixg heretofore considered, at some length, the therapeutic effects

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Ewart, C T. ; Kovalevski ; Pilgrim ; Pinckney ; Teeter, J. N. ; Toderski ; and

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been perforated by a rib, and which gave rise to embolism of

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from the left kidney was passing b}'^ the wound, 80 oz. were ]>assed

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plication to have given rise to a series of pustular inoculations.

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jed ami involution complete, nothing remained of the

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istry also. Laboratory practice is (»ss(Mitial in all, not instruc-