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than a very brief outline of hysterical insanity. It may oc-

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4th. At tlieir suggestion it was presented and accepted by the Con-

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order that the irritating fluid should reach to the mu-

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lack of cotton in 1862 introduced another practice. With the

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in regard to discharges for disability. The delays and discourage-

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growth or the laying down of considerable masses of soft, spongy

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refutation, and charges of immorality. A duly accredited pass-

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twelve confinement cases from January, 1885, to Septem-

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called in a surgeon to operate after making several unsuccessful attempts

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send him to a specialist or have consultation. I do not

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can be felt in the muscle free from any attachment to the skeleton. Certain

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The most favourable results were obtained in cases of chronic

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recognised, — better, perhaps, than persecuting them. Our brethren

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Lastly, its relation to renal disease. The kidneys were diseased in thirty-four

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of tuberculosis is overlooked, influenza must be classed as an important

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district in which the case occurs. The outfits for making the cultures,

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Nursery. A toll free “Hotline” has been installed for

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the census statistics will prove of much value on the

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That attention to the general health and food of the patient is an important

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ties of Forster's instrument. It is a decided improvement

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if sensations of the above nature were to be experienced

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observation failed to display any eruption, which is, indeed, an

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^ Diaphoresis is a more freqnent effect from the injected strychnia, especially

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early ventricular systolic in rhythm. He expresses his idea

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of prostration at the end of the second hour, but at its

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The French Codex. — The Minister of Public Instruction has designated a

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may do injury to himself or others, having no recollection of

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list. We have used it since it first came out, and can bear

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arrested. Then, clonic spasms begin, which extend over the muscles

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the part of amboceptors in hemolysis, and Kyes showed that lecithin

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cold cloths were applied, then changed to emollient tepid poultices ; a

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pus, the fact that filtering them out removes all or the greater part of the

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(6) The equipment which has not been unpacked and the per-

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tracing of the case to which he referred, he would admit that it was

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stricture? he believed it did, and that there were cases in which

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well in the end. Paracentesis was performed ; when,

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four-grain doses in water every four hours. That was kept up for