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Pa-version of the secretory functions is characterised by an

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take place, after the addition of 10 per cent, solution of caustic soda,

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right and Mr. Simon and Dr. Seaton wrong. He thought the

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and in the most pronounced cases, the two were combined in about

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nor will you learn generally that he suffered pain after-

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course. It begins not unlike simple continued fever.

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cine is of more use than an intermittently unfa\orable one." And

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in the urine is based upon the fact that silver nitrate causes their

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method in a number of cases with relief of the pahi and

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the best antipyretic and usually all the antipyretic needed

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and, wlien the myelitic focus does not reach the lower extremity of the cord,

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proof that they had done so. This document concludes with the

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operations than the barometer or season of the year.

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near work, and had to rely entirely on her glasses for the distance. This pair

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pharyngitis appear at the same time. Salivation is set up ; a

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teliile at the breast. . The fern-bud tincture was given till the 4ih of June

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is connected with the stagnation of blood in the splanchnic area and the

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State of Rhode Island. The old motto which is ever and always

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is the rule. (3) Severe cases, those with a sudden onset and

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mentation bath

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inflammation occurring in weak emaciated subjects, which prove fatal

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accomplished by rest, repose, the absence of the ordinary duties

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In the hope that 1 may help others, I hereby make this anatomical gift, if medically acceptable, to take

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'*'''" ■ •.. .1,.. i,,r,„ n mn<t of the cases

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skin rash was noticed, the pain subsided, and he was transferred to the

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the other has also been shown of late to be a not very unusual

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of the urea administered remained in the blood, it would require but

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Dr. Williams — That is exactly what I want to-day.

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and in suppositories, its effects were, on the whole,

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Iniroduetion to the Study of Diseases of the Nervous System. 55

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isfaction on duty. Then the honorarium was according

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