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fibrinous deposit on, or other affection of, the heart's valves. In

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of the great art which he has done so much to enrich and to

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dorsal vertebrae. Twenty-five grains of calomel, and one of opium, were

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Again — is it not possible that the poison may pass by infiltration into

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1868.] Willis on the Sudoriparous and Lymphatic Systems. 423

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replaced by a sense of warmth of both legs, chiefly of the paralysed

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made to correct the erroneous ideas which most patients and many

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whilst other portions of the blood have been frequently subjected to microscopi-

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from Medicin. Jahrbucher Osiers Staates, B. xxx, S. iv,

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bladder still continued, until, unfortunately, his food was

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route of an electric or magnetic stream, and the complication of these last with

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been supposed to be) which chemists have obtained from the globules; for it is

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imperfectly understood; and it is for the purpose of elucidating these points that

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1868.] . Peet on Principles and Practice of Medicine. 441

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our attention and to excite our interest, in the hope that they

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fever declining with great rapidity. When the child is retained, the

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hensive in its scope, and at the same time free from wearisome and unprofitable

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about the outer clothing — wool, silk, Unen, or cotton.

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prescribe it, yet I think it can serve a very useful,

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reduce the temperature by wrapping in wet sheets might excite

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into the Charing-cross Hospital on the 18th of January, between five and six o'clock

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treated by Pressure of the Abdominal Aorta, By Vincent P.

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"Ayouno' ffenlleman labourincr under typhus fever was attacked with diar-

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other wall than a species of semi-solid plasma, which consti-

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It was proved that the solution of a dilemma and the reaction

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excision of the fissure. The disease is sometimes cured in the most satisfac-

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time set in, and at last the patient, worn out by the constant loss of blood, died

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affection of the inspiratory, specially intercostal muscles, and a spasmodic con-

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"There were 87 cases of complete blindness from sympathetic

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of his education; it was part of his parents' education,

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awful calamity: — 1, Diseases of the heart and large vessels; 2, Diseases of the

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excessive fat deposits about the hips, abdomen, back, or

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