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As to tinea favosoy properly so called, the same method employed in
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persons in easy circumstances, who sip occasionally, with their parents,
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methods employed. Of course, the earlier the case is seen, and the less
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attack the nose, eyelids and cheeks ; and 3dly, The several varieties of
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there is an abundant determination of leucocytes, there obtains a diges-
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the yielding system of man to the requirements of a diflerent order of
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reaction was discovered by Polil, Bujwid, and Dunham in 1886 and
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stances with minute traces of albumoses, which extracts, when adminis-
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blood extending a very short way into the aortic portion of the innomi-
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by forceps, and afterwards apply the carbolic solution freely to the
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or typhus. As contagion from the dead body is possible, interment
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gether with the organisms, the latter are arrested in their growth or
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here that Brehmer's. results, obtained in an inferior climate, are better
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the danger, not only by increasing the liability to haemorrhage, but also
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may act deleteriously. A lesion ^vhich is usually a local process, for
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affecting associated regions, the higher centres, and thrcmgh them the
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their isolation and distinction from the bacterium coli take much time,
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nourishing fluids must be given. Yolks of eggs, milk thickened with
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carbuncle be large and shows signs of spreading, and especially if the
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tremulous tongue. To this characteristic tongue must be added the ten-
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under the shoulder and buttocks of the patient. The clean sheet, draw-
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brought on a profuse menorrhagia, which continued when 1 saw her.
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cans were washed with the infected water. As fresh warm milk is a
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mel or pi. hyd., but not often. I have invariably made use of ext. app.
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tion of plague along the Avhole northern coast of Africa.
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troublesome, and the time required to carry out the treatment more
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material may be inoculated into bouillon which is incubated in a.n atmos-
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bard, H. C. Traits de Climatologie medicale, 1877-80. — 50. Lorenz und Rothe.
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different epidemics a well-marked relationship has been seen. The
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extremely susceptible to mammalian tuberculosis, while white mice are
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arrival of patients it m.ust always be remembered that the seasons are
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tance of thorough ventilation, and of a plentiful supply of pure fresh
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effect on the heart muscle, and are often the cause of death in typhoid ;
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England there are scarcely any : those best known are the one at Ben
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.XXXV. —9. Emmerich. Fortschritte der Mzd. vol. v. 1887. — 10. Fehleisen. Aetiologie
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On the other hand, if irritants of a microbic nature enter the wound
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supports the head and shoulders. By lifting exactly simidtaneously, the
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nurse, who was vaccinated, ha.d a heavier load than those who were not,
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open. From the spasmodic contraclions of the jaw (which has ev^n