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iu opposition to Legouest. The objection to amputations at the knee

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dent that at length a communication was formed between the oeso-

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size of the lesion, and the chemotherapeutic and radiothera-

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tion was present in the majority of instances. The charts of those

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restored conductivity of the divided nerve, the imperfect

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should be independent of the local authority, their appointment, the

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currence of sub-involution as a result of abortion — a fact which is overlooked

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* La folie à deux, ou folie communiquée. Annales Médico-Psychologiques,

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cases, in which I have had the patients under observation

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The appetite and general health were good, fever and

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tainty and celerity than Alkalithia, the modus operandi of which is to maintain the

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little pain at the time, but after two hours there occurred marked edema

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the heart's blood and spleen of this animal. The former yielded a

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by first intention, which was due to sloughing of the

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fibrin and some do not. The supporters of the third theory contend

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n (1), Jan., pp. 277-310, pis. 37-40, figs. 1-62 b. [W^]

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on health services and products, less than one-half

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ent time had seized the profession, that of taking out the

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tion in the painful part, excepting cases where pain is produced by

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gained steadily and, beyond some slight superficial suppuration

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tred in any way, or exposed? 3. If more than one substance received,

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dependent upon constitutional causes, and have less tendency to prolapse

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treatment, but it is almost sure to return either in the following or

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command of language, which rendered him a most genial compan-

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ract. — The operation for double senile cataract was

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tive singular. Name, Matth. i. 21, in the published

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advises heroic doses, giving fifteen to twenty drops in

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We supply moist gauzes when called for, but in such case it is necessary to specify

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