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induce contraction in the non-striated muscular fibres of the wall.

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or leas complete cure. Advanced cases are very hopeless,

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Diagnosis. — Early diagnosis is always difficult because, in the first place,

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valvular lesions were evidently of long standing. The

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and, as far as possible, stitching it carefully together with

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"by which an active extract which would retain its potency for at least

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As a contribution to the subject of enteric fever from an unusual source,

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haemorrhage, and the subcutaneous cellular tissue at the same time in the

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the contents of the tube, be they pus or other secretions,

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to teachers, parents, and in fact to every one with whom they come in contact.

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neys are diseased, and if only one, which is at fault.

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actual cautery. Some practitioners prefer the actual cautery to

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The studies of aerated as compared with unexposed milk and milk directly

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tional, and there are many corresponding disappointments. But the

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cupful of butter, a scant half;cupful of sweet milk, 2 cupfuls of flour,

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and, in fact, lead to death when associated with cardiac tam-

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and in part also physical care of the poor (sick or well), core-

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bronchium with wheezing results ; the epithelium may remain

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of light. It is possible therefore to avoid the suppuration

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ied in connection with scarlatinal dropsy, and which has been subsequent-

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in which, by reduction of the nuclear material, the male and female

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is relayed to other reflex centers. Associated reflexes

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plied directly over the surface, no matter how denuded or painful it is,

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two kinsesthetic word-centres with their related motor-centres, in the bulb

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are needed, and with a large migration of young doctors

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Professor Sewall, to whom I am indebted for the above

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the mitral and tricuspid valves in a child which sur-

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o&rs favorable opportunities for the retention and growth of the bacilli,

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nitrogenous katabolism in man gradually decreases during the

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monotonous streets are apt to result in cat-naps, and that the

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the arteries, the nerves, and the lungs, by suitable diffusible stimulants.

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what other processes accompany this shaking-effect.

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the use of alcohol. Both disks showed the usual papillomacular

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Among recent foreign publications we note the following:

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gravid uterus. In this field of work he added greatly to knowl-

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lead to a suspicion of cyclitis. The pain is very severe, the irides drawn

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most minds come to the study of Medicine in this condition,

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loaded in a fresh relay of ambulances, waggons plying between the

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at least here and there, in the circulating blood at the time of the

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James Wallace. The route was from the homestead along