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never been observed within the body, while movements of most other

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and lower lobes of both lungs of a dull red colour, but crepitant, fill-

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The following are the reports of cases of leprosy treated in the I-

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the cultural reactions of these two groups, the type of disease they

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ether has been employed very extensively both in this country and

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intelligent physician, and a man of science, must be a source of ex-

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trace these to the sexual, and afterwards paints the

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Morbid Anatomy. — The body is well nourished, the organs are abnormally

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slowly reached, except in those cases where the cause is permanent.

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siastic admiration, both on account of its intrinsic importance and

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Richard D. Arnold, of Savannah, Georgia, was elected an asso-

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by the ferments of practically every foreign tissue.

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tfarou^iout Great Britain and on the continent. In his travels in Eng-

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their presence in the lungs, and they have been found in the urine a number of

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Morbid Anatomy. — The red blood corpuscles are diminished and the al-

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Injection of Serum and Physiological Salt Solution {Control).

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effects follow its use. Salol is to be preferred to salicylic acid. Benzoic

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1. Brodie, T. G., A Preliminary Report of Some Experiments upon the Chemis-

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these experiments it was often observed that the respiration failed

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unto annexed. Believing, however, that the mere presentation of

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ment of fifteen cases of midwifery in which chloroform was

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retreat, carry up the anal blade in such a manner as to throw the

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in Middletown, one in Bridgeport and the remainder in

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Present Illness. — Constitution and nourishment good; skin and mucous mem-

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catheterization practised from the outset. If the myelitis is of syphilitic

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especially Hammar 10 ) established a close connection between the de-

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not dangerous. In Meniere's disease, when the labyrinthine affection is

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trated are drawn out from the chromatin of the nuclei.

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as many bacilli as correspond to Gaffky's Nos. II and III on the

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to advert. It may, perhaps, be safely asserted, that Dr. Mb-

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and sole remedv. Replacement can seldom fail to be accomplished

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all the epithelial elements of the kidney became degenerated, and

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simmering on top of it, called by the ancient physicians clavus hystericics,

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or rare. It is said that since the hlacks have been freed and their education

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three fluid ounces, of a light-brown, slightly fluores-

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in the same individual, its regular progress, its uninterrupted career,

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" The day^ before yesterday I was present at an operation per-