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to it, and free from the herd instinct incidental to being here. But I want to

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ING, chairman of the committee, read the report. They

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laron), 2.5 mg per kg body weight per dose three times a day,

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results had been attained by the use of artificial drum-

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have often given their imagination too much licence. The laboratory

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hind the head, and the pads are applied either within the meat-

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maintained that most consumptives were in imminent danger of becom-

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in one individual, and the small size of the left femoral hernia, with

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as it does from sixty to seventy per cent., of all laryn-

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suppression of cold in the head is followed by difiiculty of breathing.

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prolongation along the popliteus tendon (Fig. 1, d). The

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3. Simeone, F. A., and Hardy, H. L. : Chronic progres-

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importantly than the cord. When a single muscle or group of muscles

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system have preceded the appearance of these spasms, while in some cases

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the Department of Otolaryngology. Active in various Green-

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is luxuriant, and where the soil is tilled, malaria diminishes and even

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ice. Dr. Washburn marvels that so many patients survive this method of

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incompetent teaching rests primarily with the officers who

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The usual medicines for moderating the cough had been given

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that this treatment is still advocated in some modern text-books,

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followed by slight cutaneous inflammation. The application is then re-

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grew, Pathologist to the Royal Infirmary, was elected Curator of

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arteries, and where the tumour is circumscribed, a bandage,

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upon itself so as to lacerate, if possible, the supplying vessels from

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ulcer — inflamation, degeneration and regeneration — and the pre-

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structure is dense and fibrous, and enclosing numerous

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Louisville, in one case only, that of a patient who died under

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When he attempts to stand alone in bare feet, the reflex spasm is so great as