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ence is observed. Bile dribbles continuously from the ampulla of Vater'^ and
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and that it is, in fact, deteriorating firom year to year. By this
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typhoid and scarlet fever, of acute gastric catarrh, nephritis, and so
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is not confined, as some suppose, to the muscles of the
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This list has also spaces for special memoranda opposite the space
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phies. Thus for years the trouble is compensated so
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tissue, resembling the pia mater — ^is, like it, very vascular ; and the tunics
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mous numbers of the parasites. Considerable enlargement and softening of
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aa a collyrium, is 2 grm. of this solution to 8 grin, of water. —
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confined one day, and in one surgical case it was particularly
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logically similar organism. However, since these organisms or similar organ-
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Ol. menth. pip. (seu neroli, seu carophylli), gtt. j. M.
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By the method employed in arriving at their ultimate composition, even before
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close the mouth, when opened, until the spasm of the depressor muscle of
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occurred until death took place on Febniary 18th. During these
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tional average (AG Holtmann, University of Miami, un-
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Sprue is controlled, and in many cases cured, by the
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vertised among new drugs and preparations, "used chiefly
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Philadelphia, 1862. (From Dr. J. H. AVorthington, Physician and Superin-
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numerous raised patches, round and oval in shape, and varying from the size
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6. Tartar emetic, pnrgatives, digitalis, local antiphlogistics, and even revul-
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Complications* — By far the most important and serious complica-
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drops of urine in the praevesical connective tissue have been
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1838 A Dissertation on Spinal Irritation, by Dr. Isaac G. Porter.
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and fifth day a few drops of the atropine solution are put
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which had been made ; nevertheless he felt that these discov-
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ally have a personal physician from whom they receive their
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treatment with ampicillin bactrim and cipro
relief. As the patient left town for Columbus on one of the
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subject is simple, practical, and plain. The many illus-
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or a dull purplish hue, more or less diffused over the areas above named.
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and profuse perspiration, and is hence very good in
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enlarged but sounds clear. Blood-pressure 190 mm. Hg.
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• part the third, of the treatise thereon , .. 295
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fool, a refined fool, a civilised fool, but a fool still. And the wise
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cysts occupying their usual position between the stomach and colon is
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firm aud numerous, and the cause of obstinate reflex
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13. Moroni F, Fantozzi R, Masini E, and Mannaioni P. A trend in the therapy
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a case of paralytic ileus due to paralysis of the bowel following
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which has been termed " pink-eye " by horsey individuals. It
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was, as the essayist has said, a diversity of opinion on
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