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up the diarrhoea and tenesmal inflammation in the rectum, and
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Cancer of the Kidney; encephaloid cancer much more common than
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A Text-Book of Pharmacology and Therapeutics: or the
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Gonorrhoea! pyosalpinx is the most common form met with in those
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parts of the body, and in all cases death was sudden and
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Figs. 60 to 63. Instances of two young parasites freed from one red corpuscle.
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quite low down near the diaphragm. This bismuth had evidently
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like the second part of the Duroziez double murmur, a consequence of pulsus celer
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vide a separate institution for these classes, although
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pensioners. With the consent of the Ministry of Pensions, and
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of mercy may be raised up among the residents of Colwyn
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persistent hiccough, and retardation of the pulse have been met and are
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chmical obstruction, which neither these nor any therapeutical measures
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of this cannula, and the temperature did not rise above
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sperm-like odor is noted in the stools of cholera, owing to the pres-
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The individual medical officer has in the line of the Navy a line
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the nose may become as large as the fist and may hang down over
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ing observations apply. It is to the pyrexial symptoms which
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loss of enthusiasm in their work and has a tendency to break down
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by a medical practitioner as unexpected and unusual consequences, especially
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of the diseased cortex. They comprise variability of
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comprised a wide spectrum of disease and anyone who was
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Wn discovered in his possession. When a gun is discharged near to the
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'and both the patients were discharged cured, after
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upon, while a special theory is advanced to account for the miraculous
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later. T. S. Westcott, M.D., 115 West Chestnut St., Par-
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vastly superior in potency. Since the receipt of this German preparation I
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1897 ; 3«" Allbutt's Syst. of Med.," vol. iii, 1897 ; ^^ " La med. mod.,"
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their tone, but could not be brought under the control of the will until
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county, south of Galveston. A Mr. Bradley had his spleen to
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think that the hemorrhage was probably from the trachea or
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local; (5) when hemprrljage, pressure, or pain was a
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logical conditions,, and certainly should suggest equally
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which maintain the wrist and proximal phalanges in an extended position,
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retracted and the neck rigid. In other cases after the initial fever and