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in the use of Opium. The Camphorated Tincture of Opium should be
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its relation to the posterior (P), superior (S) and lateral j
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of which proved to be encephaloid cancer ; that on the lips
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was chiefly confined to small boys. With a bullet for-
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ciates. Lectures, demonstrations and laboratory work comprising personal,
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Leucopenia is characteristically marked, this having been below 2000 in 62 %
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and regulations of the Clinical Laboratories Improve-
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little coMula (emboli) to wash away. Should any of them be broken
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tain limits to her physical development. «npak bv soeakins-. to combine bv com-
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may occur in any stage of the disease. Operations are justi-
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lent colic, attended with diarrhoea. The medicine was discontinued for a
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fail to do harm. " The bacteriologists," he said, " so domi-
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an ointment composed of oxide of zinc, calomel, and simple cerate,
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with respect to any removal of blood, and for the early employ-
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even if he be devoid of the necessary oratorical accesso-
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tlie lung to the other, 'i'hese pulmonary excavations aie sometimes
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some time, and with one exception the results have been good.
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but when at rest, just after the exercise. This result can be
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tion of work, and the other of his passions | sequences of his connection with this hos-
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There is ground for the belief that certain drugs exert
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result of trophic disturbances. The nerves passing out to the periphery
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formation of adhesions precludes the possibility of long continued drain-
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When the investigation was transferred to the spinal cord of man and of the vertebrata
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'Schloss: Paper read before the .\merican Society for the .\d-
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than the ordinary test-tube method. My plan at pre-
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half an inch. No case yet reported had occurred after
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treatment to which the animals were subjected, but it is impossible to
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to be classified or did not venture to answer at all.
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are very scarce, those which we have are consi^Jtent
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eases of pelvic contraction, as dryness, irritation, &c., of the
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the general practitioner is likely to undertake, are described in
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Louisville Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery, May.
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disease has to be determined by other diagnostic features. A few pnraSr
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since in many patients in whom signs of hypertonus of the
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in the very old ; or- it may occur in middle life, at the end of any long
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the area around them. There is often an extraordinarily marked
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if any member would tell us what personal experience
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down the side from the axilla, and divided the dull