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the natives of Bukoba. Mense (igo6) thinks that the ' kafindo '

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Clinic and Research Foundation at San Diego Princess Resort.

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logical data. If it does not, it is sure to be wrong. For instance,

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the arm is carried inward and forward on a level with the

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development, and to the lower condition of vitality that must

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and again there was rupture. In the two other cases two chil-

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case dilatation occurs, and the mitral orifice becomes in-

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medicine, states that already they have failed to fulfil the

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given for a short time ; whether it would still hold true

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face the eruption begins as small, red, raised papules or even tuber-

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which is often extremely useful in such cases, acts as an expecto-

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Laurence Duffy, aged 43, admitted 12th July, 1833, states

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different practice must follow, from that where the bladder possesses

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dehiscences occur in this region through which a proems of dura

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organ ; they do not become faceted, as they are not exposed

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at the first dose. Another good remedy is the fluid ex-

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course of an epidemic can be followed with great accuracy.

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inunction, showing that the extract was really absorbed.

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phosphites of lime and soda in all cases of fracture

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the roots and leaves of the blackberry bush, a decoction of

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best features of both plans and recommend this resolution

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nance is restored. A certain elevation of pitch and faint tympanitic quality

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of a uniform green colour and opaque, but over the case the colour is

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1919, xii. No. 6, p. 250; Villaret and Dufour, Bull, de la Soc. Med.

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the back of the knee ; just below the groin it may be compressed

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culosis, the disease is primarily iutra-epiphyseal; that a diagnosis can often be

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I allude, attend or, as it is quaintly enough termed, walk the hospitals

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Dr. W. confessedly assumes. The beneficial effect of mercury, according

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tended one month. S. O. 153, A. G. O., July 27, 1875.

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surgeon, changeful and busy as that of any great soldier or surgeon.

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Paris Biological Society on May 28, last, the results of their experi-

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arrested. Regarding the comparative value of this and the

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nosis was based upon the absence of any apparent superficial nervous

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United States, being exceeded only by St. Joseph, Missouri. Her

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disease) as well as atrophy, granular degeneration, fatty degeneration, and

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