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progress that is being made in the various mental conditions. The

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judgment of mental state difficult, but patient appeared at times confused,

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sion was that the use of pasteurized milk resulted in scurvy and!

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The author's treatment consists in absolute rest for the stomach

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aggravations, even to the point of serious harm, were quite cer-

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the Whole on the redort of the Education Committee be concurred in. Carried.

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altogetlier, tlie next thing we may do will be to drop the whole matter. But I have a good

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depriving him of money ; but it is doing something very much greater and very much more

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Dr. John Kirkpatrick. I now present the report of tlie committee in the case of Dr. John

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on this subject until the present time I should more than consume

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cover his expenses, then he mustmeet them out of that salary. Dr. Barrick — That is what

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thirty years. Although a good seamstress she was seldom employed at the

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Dr. Lyman G. Haskell, class of 1897, B. U. S. M., has removed from

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infection due to the pressure of the gravid uterus upon the bowel.

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led to difficulty ; and the man had an anular stricture which he complained of, and which

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subject with regard to the first portion of the motion respecting hospitals, I may state the hos-

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Dr. Alice S. Woodman is spending the summer at Sunset Camp,

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the medical adviser of Ovid and Fabius Maximus ; Floyer, a

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At the meeting each case, as soon as reported, is thoroughly dis-

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The late Elizabeth P. Sturgis of Salem left legacies of $20,000 each to

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sponsibility of governing a new-made life. An all wise Creator

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making a total of seventy-four. All have been treated by an old,

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means to utilize it. That a medical practitioner competent to practise his profession in one

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It was voted to print these papers in the American Journal of Insan-

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strongest motives of action, because they are the fundamental