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7. He was born in Brooklyn in 1854, and was graduated from

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Agricultural College, for free distribution thi'ough-

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thoracic vertebrae there was a very marked kyphosis,

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in the pipes for a considerable time, the lead being

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which merit the most severe criticism, and particu-

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justice both to himself and to the English authors.

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which must be done by an embaliner holding a certificate

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large follicles containing colloid, many smaller follicles

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certificate and transit permit shall be attached to and

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tines. At noon, the fourth day after the operation,

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hemorrhoids and the fistula. The patient went hom(!

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and there is often a milky opacity of the peritoneum.

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Fishacher say to Dr. Drew. I shall explain all when I

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complaint of the overcrowding in hos})itals devoted

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both before and after the race, and in but one case

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Scannell, D. D. A case of post typhoidal myositis of the rectus abdom-

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F. L. Pleadwell, surgeon. Detached from the " Kear-

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in the others, single or repeated aspiration was the

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not under any tension) ; the right arm lay abducted

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Breton are 13° C. in the spring, 22° C. in the sum-

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of a more satisfying character than the practice of

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f the median nerve takes place in the upper part of tlie

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sort this very last year : the patient was wealthy,

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medical schools should offer sufficient facilities to

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(lavs ago, 1 learned for the first time that I had been an-

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Philadelphia!, Baltimore 1, tlolyoke 1, Adams I. From small-

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irly, and is a constant sign. At first the contents

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tlesnake, and came very near dying. It is stated that

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incident to pregnancy we should expect to find evi-