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eliminating or destroying the poison, and also as a prophylactic.

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come warm, and emit the peculiar smell of tobacco and snuff. If too high

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It is greatly to be hoped that our war experiences will be utilized at

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the disease has as the kind of disease the patient has.

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in the manner described, is gently propelled by the peristaltic contractions

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dred at full term, and, with this, has suffered four

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should suffer from excessive chilliness. Much may be done,

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others dark, redness, swelling, relaxation, and friability of the mnooia

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Dr. Singleton recognized the Deans of Medical Schools

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Gout and Rheumatism, Diabetes, Anaemia and Chlorosis,

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Hammes, David A., Route #3, Box 92, New London 54961

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of inquiry, his moral postulates, his method of cure,

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assuredly will not save a fair lady's life when this is

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being the absence of optic neuritis. These rejections leave 500 cases

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tion at Clifton, England. Cases which were diagnosticated as German

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lymphatic, and scrofulous constitution. Such* ulcers, if

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one, a brother and sister suffered from unmistakable symptoms

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tion. One course only is sound and sure in our present state of knowledge.

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experimental inoculations of man, it would obviously be wise to select the

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and at length, if the impediment to respiration be complete,

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urine is frequently of the utmost importance in the diagnosis of disease.

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blindness of several hours' duration. These attacks occurred at each menstrual

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Or the case may be stated in different language, as follows : In an im-

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ing investigations of the medical theorist were to be sup-

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The general impression from an examination of men engaged in

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the Household Troops is shown as per cent, instead of per milk.

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the discussion of important changes. A few years ago what

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process was conservative and an effort of nature to heal

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has been recorded by Madame Goukovsky. The autopsy revealed a

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28th there were 18 cases of yellow fever and 10 deaths.

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discussion before this society, never failed to take a prominent part in

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timately come under the notice of a Medico-Ethical Society. —

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those who had perished in this sad affair, would be of the

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the right hand along the left rein, and take the position or stand to horse.

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Indeed I am inclined to the opinion that, even in autumn, they are

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nal injection of 1 : 2000 bichloride daily, and con-

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covery was more than fifty years old; and the translation of his

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Family 3. Monostomidce. — Digenea with only an oral sucker.

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nauseam with the harmful and misleading effusions of charla-