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ally hastened the growth of the cataract in twenty eyes, or
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chronic pain. In Pain Control: Practical Aspects of
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grayish-white secretion, which both together filled al*
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If the pessary is the remedy for such troubles, it is rather
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This was an acute case and the relief has been per-
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apparently reduced to the condition of selenuretted hydrogen
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either by simple pressure, or in case one with a thread
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some, and obstinate of diseases. From the inefficacy of the remedies
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join his station. Fort Snelling, Minnesota, without delay.
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sesses native greatness; but this, with all his ex-
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tor to the practitioners, thereby giving the instruction at nominal cost
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the veins only, along with my external process ; and the body may
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factor of obstipation. If it be a tumor, of course the
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So long as a battle is not imminent, regimental medical officers
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graphs of a severe case of rachitic curvature of tibia and fibula, from
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neath the cutis we found neither effusion of blood nor any remarkable
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ulceration of the aggregated glands of the { sonal observation whilst rendering his valu-
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to insanity are the most satisfactory in the book, as they are
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(scapula), 7th March, 1917; great improvement in symptoms.
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collecting material for his old master, John Hunter, and
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those prosthetic appliances necessary for the repair of facial injuries, and is a
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on a fit of despondency she had taken a dose of Paris
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'1 Members, representing the physicians, from nominations
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before the infant reaches a physician's office or emergency
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Nematoda in which the three labial papillse are not very distinct.
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more acceptable and more accessible place." Montreal
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many ways who ever practiced medicine in this coimty, of whom we
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he advises the lactate, in preference to the oxide of zinc. Babington
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cal Reserve Corps for the third reason given above.
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Devergie adopted the non-mercurial treatment in his clinic. Dr.
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