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vomiting, excessive shock, prostration, and collapse are the usual con-

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centuries, and the Reform Period, comprising the seven-

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since then has only broken loose twice, and shortly after his

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they were published by Surgeon-General Wyman in the

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^fossor of Diseases of Children and Sanitary Science In

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perature of 77° or 72-5°, until the patient's teeth

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Her symptoms increased, but there was no actual pain

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albuminuria and swelling of the legs, which symptoms,

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If a special susceptibility to albumin is discovered in the diabetic,

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internal carotid was attacked by arteritis at a corresponding point. Histological examina-

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but it is very probable that this ratio may be changed under pathologic conditions.

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pelves, yet even in them, should there be urgent symptoms

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successive nights for a variable period. The local affection may remain

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x-rays. Sunlight will diselectrify a negatively electri-

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A study of these was begun with particuhir reference to the

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production of hydrochloric acid is seriously impaired the gastric

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has to stand the stress from both ends. Now, we know that the depressor

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Orleans, with which, perhaps, you are familiar, is a notable example

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varies much in different cases, and is not to be taken as any criterion of

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suffered annoyance from the weight and friction, which was

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immunity is well known — e.g., man against T. brucei.

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than either, ''iodinized phenol chloral," a formula for which

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and notably by the plague, — the poverty and hunger con-

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three-parts covered with cold water (if they should float while

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cide. At the same time, many of the cases in which there are motives for

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ear, chronic suppurative otitis, is giving him considerable

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of twenty years' duration. He has been repeatedly under treatment,

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epidemics, on the increased virulence and e-itension given to

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Obstetrics, of course, was practically exclusively in the hands of

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with changes in the appendix from previous inflammation. Changes

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could be removed, and I quite agree with them if, as they

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the muscular coat. He speaks of this as exceptional ; but we have at Guy's

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{c) Red blood- cells associated with lymphocytes in

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No. 174. Ovum 35x25x25 mm., embryo 13 mm. long. Dr. Gibbs, Baltimore.

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