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grains Salol), are best given in doses of two tablets every three

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Ina May Richter. Santa Barbara, Cal. 1113 N. Caroline St.

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know but little of the materia medica of Homoeopathy. There has

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II. Section teaching is given to each section twice a week

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certain knowledge the rules and regulations as to spitting, etc., and

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passed successful examinations, 34; total number of conditioned

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Grande have everything in their jurisdiction well in hand for any

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vives him with three children, Dr. Harry O. Spalding, the Superintendent of

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examination and treatment of patients, for a special library on tuber-

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will depend on the length of the course and the character

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to this committee, and by them be in writing reported for action

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Diseases of the Heart and Arterial System. Designed to be

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act with a given class of subjects. On the other hand, ambiguity

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Bella Shaeffer Marshall. San Antonio, Tex. 527 N. Wolfe St.

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cry of agony which weeps by the bedside of the sick and wails

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ances of the morbid conditions studied by the microscope.

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nervous diseases. It was he who detected that Oran Hoskins was

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discussion, which leaves the problem far from solution.

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nitrogen of the blood in experimental uranium nephritis.' —

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latest opinions on all branches of forensic medicine and toxicology.

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examiners he answered questions readily and in an orderly

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I. Those who have satisfactorily completed the Chem-

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-and J. R. Turner. The resistance to mechanical injury to the

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ditions for its growtn. Erosions or fissures facilitate the lodgement of

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to place the responsible instructors in medicine, surgery,

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examination negative except for fine tremor of closed lids. Urina-

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versity, February 4, 1893, and here subjoined, are therefore in

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So long as cars are upholstered with germ-harboring fabrics, so

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life, which, to be sure, is the natural treatment of all

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places it among the highest-endowed medical schools in the country.

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times matter little. Nevertheless, times taken in the ordinary way — as in our experiments

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general medical standard is far higher than at that time ; but the un-

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Alzheimer has recently and convincingly shown that certain type of glia cell may be found under

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should exist an honest doubt as to the character of the fever which