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ceased after confinement. The puerperium was uneventful.

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bition of serum by the macerated membranes, and the effusion of inflamma-

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usually unilateral (Mackenzie), and comprise retinitis and iridochoroiditis,

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State of New-Yorli ; and one of the Physicians of tlie New-Yorl; Hospital."

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form, and you need not be afraid if you watch your patient carefully.

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avoid all great exertion, even in bodily movements, but be care-

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than the continuance of constipation would occasion. A tumbler of simple

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7. Dubois RE, Seeley JK, Brus I, et al: Chronic mononucleosis syndrome.

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affections of the cord. Lying a long time on the back

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The report, however, of the medical department of the Local

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there was no suppuration and but very slight rise in tempera-

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d. sc. nat. de Neuchatel, 1886, xv, .53-59.— Forster (E. J.)

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