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The cases cited above are only examples of the various groups
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stenosis of the ducts following deep ulceration ; (2) to pressure by adhesions ;
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The a:-ray diagnosis of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer has
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salt solution, inoculated intravenously in healthy dogs and in others
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Even in 1914 Kidd commented on the clinical similarity of Banti's disease
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mild cases of typhoid escaped observation, there is no doubt that the number
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Grigaut and Monod. Urobilin i« Urine, ibid., Ixvi, 211.
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that wtw said to him and cocipenited readily with the exception of talking.
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the cardiac conducting system. Nor is it due to the oxygen deficiency
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2 Journal of American Medical Association, January 29, 1910, liv, 344.
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suffered from a constant diarrhoea. At the end of a fortnight^
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the exophthalmic poison will always be exaggerated by the simultaneous
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Caffein. Administered in the form of the benzoate with sodium
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also in the hypogastric nerves. Like the first, this reflex is destroyed by
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can be accounted for is by assuming that the urobilin was formed
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Shortening of the lines from the trochanter to the anterior superior spine
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-*- and succinct view of the history and treatment of the
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Treatment. Schulmann and Desoutter remark that whatever its mode
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metabolism of fasting dogs. IX. Alkali reserve and experimental shock.
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or by the application of leeches, or cupping to the external parts,
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the whole cycle. When the lumen of a bronchus was reduced the
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virus remained latent, and finally disappeared without the disease becoming
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which, however, came during the day and disappeared at night. She was
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case records are appended. An interesting point brought out by (Jadwalader
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between the reactions evoked from the sole and from the groin (Riddoch).