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occasions, by its pressure, a sensation as if a ball was
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was ex_posed to the action of the radium in the following man-
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Arts and Sciences, &c. 8vo. pp. 680. Boston : Ticknor &
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cases in which this frightful accident occurred, and
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sufficient time has elapsed since the condition began to
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edge placed along at top of side will touch all the way from point of shoulder
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It comes on with no apparent cause. The thyroid is symmetrically
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about two-thirds of the total milk sujjply of the city are derived.
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they have, so that many cases of poisoning are produced
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thus states them. By congestion: disordered menstruation ; fibroids
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xxxii, 128-133. — Woods (H.), jr. Ocular symptoms of
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oozing had ceased and the surfaces were glazed over, and
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go nearer to the object' Well might this greatest of
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controlled the hemorrhage. The time occupied in the
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prompt, and usually more complete, relief without electricity. When
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real, definite knowledge tliat the student can apply
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who generally suffer much more severely from hemorrhoids than do men. As a
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infection from pure cultures which lasts from three to
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spoke in rough whispering tones. Her sight and taste were unaffected. Digital
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The muscular system strongly exemplifies this proposition:
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Causation and description. Aehorion SehOnMmU. Treatment.
keflex advanced guestbook 2.3.2
M. J., Austin, 1894-5, x, 161-103.— IVallace (D. R.) Re-
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milk which had become contaminated by those who were either infected
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side was nearly cicatrized also. There were no evident re-
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matinee held at the Glasgow Pavilion Theatre in March, and
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Bill LIthlaut, Jim Wheless, Spike Williams, Emmett White.
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sione incaiicata di rioercare le cause della pellagra, fol.
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hard facts of which he could be sure, and comparison of data which were justly
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therapeutic measures are useful to lessen the susceptibility
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fevers. (Amer. Journal, 1837.) These are now adopted by all the physi-
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eyes, " lasting from a few minutes to half an hour, and invariably followed by
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latter fell below three million per structural
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tary circumstances of Aldershot with special reference to
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I made an incision near the crest of the ilium, extending
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has further been rendered complete by the institution of compagnies
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are overlooked, which cause secondary hemorrhage and lead
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cary, the result would give to them an idea of an examination
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hours, so as to deprive the culprit of exercise and food ; tasks
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protein simply depends on the protein content of the standard and the
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tinues to improve as it has done during the past lew
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Dr. G. H. Meeker: Prof. Richards has paid a just tribute to the