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at a committee meeting, a subcommittee was appointed with ample

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This is the result. A. becomes for two years the nominal partner of B. and C. ,

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Paragraph 183 begins with a statement which is not correct : " The

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relaxed the spasms, and afforded relief to the patient. She sent for me

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ration, argue very plausibly that, if vital phenomena are dependent on

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Registrar of Births, etc., for the Miltown-Malbay District.

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which she died. I think the mischief was done by the dilatation of

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October 6th, an amateur concert was given in the Ipswich Music Hall

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For a fortnight, Antoine did well. He then took typhoid fever, and

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Degree of Doctor of Medicine. t [At St. Andrew's, no one can be

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he took part, Mr, G. P. Heyward of Englefield Green writes a letter in which he

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as we do practically, the susceptibility of the two great maternal organs

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and the more will it be spent in the dilatation of the arterial calibre. I

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the College as requiring a Course of Study and an Examination satis-

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couragement from the studyof phyllotaxy andbothrenchyma. He did not

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rigidly enforced there had even been an increase of disease. Similar

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only documents which he is required to produce are his Diploma or Cer-

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it was an unquestionable fact that the Physiological Section was attended

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the third volume of transactions issued by the St. Andrew's Medical

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on which the diagnosis and treatment must be written and signed. Fig.

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drinking. lie believed that no man had ever observed that.

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or five surgeons, and as many assistant-surgeons, who would act as

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care of Dr. Fischer of Breslau on account of an injury which he had

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plants in Battersea, Hyde, and other Parks. An opportunity is thus afTorded for

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sacrificing the refinement of gentlemen, and intelligently to appropriate

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quested to consider from time to time whether any steps can be taken

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Association. He approved also of the second resolution. It was very

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grow, or multiply, — and living matter, which seems to do all these things,

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Mr. Eager on November iSth, 1869. Fourteen days previously, he

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