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spasmodic convulsions of all the muscles of the body, lasting an entire night,
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abdominal region, radiating to the back, with nausea and vomiting. On
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Drugs and Chemicals. Indeed, he more than hints that those prep-
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idiopathic form, due to rheumatism, over-work, or other causes.
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nite. We know very little of its etiology. There is much dispute about
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vessels would doubtless be further diminished by the congestion
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tube, the clamp was removed and some of the fluid was allowed to flow
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empyema. There we are forced to rely more on our physical examination of
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chromic acid mixture, which could not be done if the bacilli had to be
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There is always the danger that one may lack the means to
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At this time a portion of the periosteum over the sagittal suture was
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noted before in instances of antipyrine poisoning, except the formation of
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Gauthier. It seems, however, that the patient of M. Boeckel
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yachts " and " pleasure steamers " which strive to tempt the consumptive,
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Ziegler, while admitting the possibility of its occasional occurrence, finds
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A virulent, ulcerative and inflammatory process existed and was cured,
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but there is no evidence to show that the substance which emerged from the
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variety breathing ceases, lividity, coldness, and insensibility follow, and the
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ture of the urethra, but in my other case the lumen of that canal was
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