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1. Make prompt report to the State Board of Health of cancer cases, communicable diseases and others.

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adhesions frequently played a part in the production of

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possess, irrespective of school or country, of language, of

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cortical situation. The diagnosis appears to be either juvenile general

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useful volume, reads between the lines of the instructions issued

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ment syndrome: MR imaging. Radiology 1988; 166:21 1-4.

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lysis 2 bodies are necessary, one destroyed by a heat of 56° and

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Shortly stated, the after-history of the patient was as follows: —

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of-door life should be recommended. Until recently not enough protein

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in the process of erosion that dug out the channel. The

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in walling off a gangrenous or perforated appendix.

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variably gravel, while that of the districts farther away

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salt prepared in the chemical laboratories from the great treasury of

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interest to the Medical Profession are solicited. Reprints of articles con-

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in every instance was rapid, and during the interme-

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1944. Paschkis, Karl E., Jefferson Medical College.

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the even tenor of its way, do not, on that account, be

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great irregularity and the unevenness of their edges. Cases of this kind show

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it is desirable to abstract considerable blood; that is, from five

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Dr. Lewis A. Sayre arrived at 11.40, a.m., and first tied the circum-

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election, when sober second thought may give a chance for honest conviction

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pathology before they write of pathologic conditions? Too

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ty, on Medical Societies, by Daniel D. Page, sr. d. • 94

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carcinoma of the colon was detected and the patient

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delirium. In some cases of tetanus, the deglutition of liquids is impoan-

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Pennsylvania. Third edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated with two hundred

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follows : The fever commenced in Rector Street, on the south

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tonics, and especially the sulphate of quinine. —

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make up the phenomena of inflammation: 1st, Nervous obstruc-

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case had intermittent lever and catale[)sy ; one, pneu-

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last epidemic, less than ten years ago. But in the modern

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peritoneal cavity was full of pus, the elevation of the

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Candidates are rated AA if the compensations are good down to

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extraordinary restlessness and anxiety, to be too readily induced to use

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Savannah, Ga. ; Oophoritis, and its Treatment by Electricity,

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dose of the dry powder of the appendix painful it will do no good and should be

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received the closest attention and after three days of

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when, she says, she vomited a quart of blood. Since the latter

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from the lips of my honored preceptor, Professor Lindley, who then held the

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Malta in 1813; Desgenettes' Histoire Medicale de 1' Armee d'Orient ;

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the cardiac complication is liable to be the immediate cause of death.