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of the tongue and pharynx when the disease, as may happen

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has employed a scissors, the blades being separately passed into

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May 11th. โ€” When he was admitted, the keeper said he had not

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Massachusetts was infected in the same way in 1859.

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I believe it is now generally understood that the inhabitants of cider

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actual cautery to the chemical caustics, in the treatment of the ul-

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should ensue. My investigations, simple as they are. show how-

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cattle are kept, as well as in the tropical and temperate zones.

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and the application of the ointment into his own hands, and

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urethra, and even the adjacent tissues. Tho.se recommended by

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lated lobe. The gland lies below the blad- By P. A. Nicholson, M. D., Washington, N. C.

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"Natural Lecithine extracted from the yolk of Egg, contains Phosphorus under that

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tilages, Muscles, and Skin, Cellular and Fibrous Tissue, Serous and Mucous

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and produces good results in so large a proportion of cases as to warrant full confi-

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labour of her first child forty eight hours, v ] n he was called to see her

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principal constituent, the bicarbonate of currence of the menstrual discharge. It is

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peutic action of Potash and its salts in controlling acd reducing

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ment is frequently present, and abscess of the liver is always

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been completely successful. The wound {Reported expressly for Charlotte Medical Journal.)

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Syrup of Figs โ€” is a simple, safe and reliable laxative, which

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making them gaze intently at me, as you coated. A number of observers have al-

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This alkaline agent has long since won its spurs in the permanent

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710 Holt's Letters upon General Pathology. [December,-

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ture elsewhere. Now these are grave charg- State? Have you these evils here.? We

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and in the frontal sinuses. Hemorrhagic ulcers are some-

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ricini, 5 ss., and applied six or eight leeches twice to her epigas-

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still it would have been a satisfaction to have had the question set-

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trapezius muscle, it was now detached from about the ear, and the

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morning. The condition of the heart must always be taken into

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fested symptoms of Senile Delirium, and in all of them I have

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Exemption of the Jews from Cholera. โ€” Whilst reading in the Lancet, Mr,

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ยง 226. Characterization. Foot and mouth disease is a

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adhesions between the lung and parietes. The subjacent lung

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ings ; 4. Clinics and bedside ward work in small groups at the College Hospital ; besides the