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covered with grey-yellow soft scabs, after the removal of which

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his Honour delivered the following judgment. After observing

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The author remarked that the importance of the case was in the fact that the

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in the treatment of aneurysm is the effect it has on the pain, which

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for nourishment and protection upon the mother, requires that a greater length

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In other cases the sexual forms predominate, the proportion of filariform

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muscular contraction of the intestines in this case, similar to that produced

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done by all methods with 8 deaths, mortality ratio of

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McCollum, M. D. McKichan, F. A. Cleland, W. H. Cronyn,

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able manner. Success attended this treatment of the most

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Dr. McLaughlin — As the work was done last year it was not a contract until the pro-

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