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or anything that would smell or stain. Iodide of potassium

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the ethereal resin of Aspidium. In two hours take 2 table-

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Jaundice occurs in a small proportion of cases (7 of 46 cases) ; it is

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with delusions, during which they imagined themselves

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tism, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Invalidism, Convalescents, Rest Cure Cases and for

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circumstance, however, which is due to the chffi'.sive power of

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pliance for the comfort and welfare of patients. Special care

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second series the stomach was emptied, 1/80 gr. of atropine

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The last and most interesting case is that of Henry M'Nee. He was a mar-

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not disturb the deep sensibilities and the capsular lesion (posterior

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was one solf^ce, however, and that was that we should know

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unfortunates thus circumstanced are anxious to conceal

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found that the aggregate height of the 10 male members of the

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The tasteless greediness of the domestic duck is a phe-

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plied to the cervix, and packing of the vagina with cotton-

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I: them, however absurd and inconsistent they may be. Eapidity of utterance

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mild. The well-known fact, that transverse currents

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lowing formula is an -imitation and improvement of one of the

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with the index finger. These growths are usually sesile, rarely

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Foot, Dr., on the antiseptic treatment of smallpox 62

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is an end of the disease ; and then the constitution is left to

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received. Mr. Hutchinson dwelt with emphasis upon the importance of sur-

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year 1627 a great epidemic occurred in North America which

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disease, a prohibition which is especially important in

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II. — Second Contribution to the Study of the Pathology of Early Human Embryos.

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skilled help of Captain Lloyd, the entomologist to the hospital. We have now

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has been appointed extraordinary professor of pathology;

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Harvard, one of the leading medical schools, would seem to

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impaired by this process ; and the Oil itself is rendered more digestible from its

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breathing in the intervals between the paroxysms or exacerbations. QjP}™^

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The bones of the legs were curved, the tever. The improvement in general health

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in the course of idiopathic fever (other than those due to renal com-

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tance in the Dublin Lying-in Hospital, during the time I held

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recently perfected. Horton Smith in London, and Eichardson in

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gested conjunctivae and lids. Examina- you let him be the servant of all." Tried by

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to remove it through the perineum. Supra-pubic cystot-

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existence The dimensions of the pericardium, estimated from the

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