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seldom has time to devote to the solution of such knotty points ;
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The difficulties and pitfalls in diagnosing amebiasis
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which Keefe acquired from Pestallozzi, of Rome, consisting of making
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the body shrinks in volume in advancing years, the heart preserves its
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centres over the reddened surface ; and this redness may involve
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Coccius considered that with each systole of the heart an increased
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Companies can protect themselves against this risk, which, I
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convention manual was distributed to members of the Council.
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three quarters to one hour is sufficient to prepare the specimen.
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But this is not the case; on the contrary, their evolution is closely
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and left testicle. Saturday night he had a free movement of the
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walking without any pain or inconvenience whatever.
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a split pea. The vomiting and diarrhoea continued with slight
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and intentions of the work ; but to those who intend to become readers,
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tumour being the size of a hen's egg, very hard, tense and tender
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four 3'ears he has treated the most severe and persistent cases of chronic
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and appear as hyaline droplets, usually quite homogeneous and color-
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outwardly, but fatal if it rupture into the peritoneal cavity.
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5. noyyi Schellach 1907, in honour of its discoverer.
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Dist., A. F. Doolittle; 5th Dist., Luther Luiteaw ;
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hesitate to pronounce it a case of incipient tuberculosis.
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ment des gastro-enteritts et en pariiculier des giistio-
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is most beneficial to the patient. Cold, warm or tepid baths
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impulse which was given to this and all other branches of
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