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Foreign Bodies in the Larynx, Trachea, and Bronchi. — -Foreign

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states of the blood which precede the onset of acute diseases. It occurs in

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children are often followed by phthisis in early adult life.

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cases it prccedes jugular pulsation. Sometimes pulsation is felt in the

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dishes, napkins, handkerchiefs, and other personal belongings of phthisi-

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is filled with dark blood and disintegrating inflammatory products. When

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place. Astringents or other agents arresting the secretions must not

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time it may rise to 104° F., or even as high as 109° F. From this time,

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than in adult life. *' Granulations" are very often absent in senile pneu-

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lowed by severe attacks, resembling those of neuralgia. Kelief from the

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parts, protect injured structures, and assist the return circulation.

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of fibroid diathesis. ' In such cases the vascular changes causing increased

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glands of a small area, viz., the groin, neck, or axilla. The cause of the

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1 111 98,23" cases iu the U. S. army, only 1,757 were quartan.

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return may be dehiycd from ten to thirty hours ; at first it is scanty, high-

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most carefully regulated; each case is a law unto itself; and the

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The first symptoms of burns of any considerable extent are those

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first, to the pain : this is best relieved by morphine, which should be given

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character and extends back to between the 8th and 9th dorsal vertebrae.

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ing a shorter duration and a milder course than usual.'

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General Peritonitis.— Causes. — It may result from a local peritonitis,

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