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In some cases the necrosis, instead of appearing in circum-

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prevent her from walking over the body of a child which, she

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tal cases, three died within twenty-four known to need recapitulation; and they

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sional district, published in Transactions of the Medical Society of

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Succus conii (P. B., Buckle's, 1867) 3iv slight, and

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ent forces are unable to keep pace with the scapula, often not larger than 3^ or 4 inches

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tented, harrassed expression, which some- the severest and the lightest cases,

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the same name in the northern portion of the United States. The term

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2nd. That croup is a disease peculiar to course of the disease, often producing death

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of June, on the one hundred and second day, after taking an

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dent ; it will seldom be necessary to resort to physical violence.

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are present in the small intestine, where there is a good deal

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confirmed the diagnosis of fowl diphtheria. The fowls were

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culty in obtaining it fresh at any time, grave symptoms tell us in unmistakable

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hypodermic injections, the attack continued for several days. In

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or property, or combination of the same, which would distin-

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dose again produced sound sleep. Later fou^d that the drug can be given to patients

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Lecithine ; i ,88 to i ,08 average in one case ; sis, the physical signs and general phenom-

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these were found in 86 cases, of which 32 died ; in 34 patients

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and 46 females. Males die more frequently the textile mills and it is among this class

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show the effect of former disease. This all the members of the family showed an

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er cannot be obtained for operative treat- convenient, and thoroughly saturate the

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flex spasm of the glottis occurs seems to indicate the presence

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solipeds, transmitted by copulation and attended by specific

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emphysema of the lungs. Anthrax, Texas fever, and other

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The treatment by chloral and zinc sulphate is illustrated in

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The subcutaneous tissue may be more or less yellow in color.

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and the difficulty was to obtain a cradle. This difficulty was

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done! This medicine has cured me; yours did me do good, and I might

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She was frothing at the mouth and groaning as if in great

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dark, softened. Liver firm, cuts with considerable difficulty. Kidneys

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the lachrymal punctum, so that the eye is always covered by

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of inhalation. M. Titon generally employs a phial, which is held

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of the Nurses' Association, which was held cians, extoling the use and great value in

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that they do. I don't want to undervalue one of my best friends, and I just like him

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