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occur in phthisis, and from time to time cases of valvular heart-disease

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and easy to obtain pure. It lessens mental and bodily fatigue,

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Tlie Spleen. — With rare exceptions the spleen becomes enlarged in

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patient was plump, a more pallid creature could not be imagined. Her appetite

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Acute nephritis, generally of a mild grade, is a rare sequel or compli-

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slowly goes on through the badly conducting flannel covering, creating

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must be light, liquid, yet nutritious, and the food should be given every

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I am not disposed to attribute any specific effect to spinal douches ;

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hull. When fresh they have a fine flavor. As they grow old

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Surgery, Practice of Medicine, Obstetrics, Physiology, Chem-

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jaundice, followed by grave nervous symptoms, may be a secondary

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to keep them in even humor, and never see cause to regret it.

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Sex. — A larger proportion of males than females is affected.

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non-pigmented plasmodia, exhibiting ameboid motion, and then feed

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cedure of exposing the. forearm, calf, or thigh to a Hame; if the

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AIcBurney's point? It is necessary to find out first what tissues

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An exceedingly mild type may arise during seasons of epidemic preva-

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From distant Australia we have an example of what may be ac-

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sible to control hemorrhage by these means, and, practically, Dr.

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affections. Piperazine has acted with me just as jambul has

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Doctor Graham's house. Doctor Coveruton was elected chairman,

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connective tissue, which tends to suppurate. Relapsing erysipelas, how-