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occasionally followed, and still more rarely relieved, by vomit-

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tension, often dicrotic, and rarely less than 100 and often 180. The

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they had been protected by attenuated doses, because they went to scliool for

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investigation, we will show by the results of post-mortem examinations, that the spinal

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If we had a case of laryngeal phthisis in the third stage,

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the sixth and tenth month respectively of acquired syphilis. In each

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ness as one of its distinctive features. Thus, Walshe, who rath-

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Mary Josephine, daughter of William P. Milby, Esq., of Indian-

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extension of inflammation to tne surrounding parts, or by newly-formed

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gave it a phagocytic activity, while Calmette proved that it had no such

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was used at first, but it soon became impossible to

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price for it, and if in addition the public vaccinators are more

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ing or destroying mildew, has been announced by the Rev. Mr. Cart-

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now he kills only a few hundred and is struggling for his last

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influenza, puerperal fever, blennorrhagia. It is very properly remarked

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fatality of diseases when animals suffering from such a disease

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taining a miracidium were to be found in the liver and other organs.

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cause I believed the charge would fall to the ground.

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society. To other features, in our ojiinion no less

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at the residence of Dr. G. Windesheim. Twenty-one members were present.

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have been observed after death from drownings and correctly so, for

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saves much of the valuable time of the roentgenologist.

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site side, the posterior median column, or column of GoU.

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body — the rete JVIalpighii lay ]:)artly uncovered and in areas the size of the

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tjikiii'j: to the l)ed, it is Dbserved betwt-en the seeond and twdfth d:iv. lb«

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auricle is well hypertrophied and the stenosis of the left ostium not exces-

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Treatment. — The patient should be isolated when practicable, to

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or even of the cord itself, iiTitations from foreign bodies in the

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be entered upon. The prompt administration of an active cathartic is

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period of observation from June to January the mental symptoms

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ago, was shrewd enough to ascribe the marvellous cures

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In his exhaustive consideration of the subject of air embolism

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demonstrate clearly the cause of bowel-fixation and

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of cases it was possible to repeat the experiment after the patient's