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finds variations in the optical instrument at once curious and intelligi-

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nostic characters were as yet barely discernible. Dr. Bewley, of Moate,

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wardly taken or outwardly apply’d; befides its fig-

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In the various training manuals, as well as in most of the well-known

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sick people, who were therefore sensitive, were the only reliable ones

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without any apparent cause, or its equally inexplicable dryness. Its

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seizure, evidently apoplectic, in which the only paralysis that followed

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ited to a small area on the anterior service of the

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of the disease. Among many circumstances which establish this

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robust frame, renders violent fevers less dangerous, know little of the

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and Stomach, Stitches and Pains of the Sides, opens

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of friend with friend, unattended as these are by the disgust which is

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souls. N. B. — This is figurative, for souls are not fed with such

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Before I conclude this interesting subject, I think it well to lay before

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mild aperients and enemata, and even these will seldom be required

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judiciously treated by Mr. Barker, of Britain-street, until the fourth

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Hon. Charles W. Slack responded. This toast, he said, reaches

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of the pulmonary tissue, a disease of great importance, but actually un-

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2nd. We do not find that constant vomiting, as in sea-sickness,

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with the requisite particulars, to the Chairman of the Bureau, Henry M. Smith,

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to be proportioned, not to the influence of mercury on the general

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cases, there were occasional perspirations. These, however, were sel-

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binger of dissolution at no very distant period. His tongue was parched,

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would have advised salivation by mercury, but as that was inadmissible

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many years before our libraries will be rivalling each other in their

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the fears of timid and conscientious 3'outh, are ever3^ da3^ apparent.

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puce that the urine could escape only in a fine stream; and as it

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of its upper border made extraction very difficult.

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withdrew and excised a bit of the iris before extracting the lens.

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to the cause, however, was now of no avail ; here was the case, and

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The advantage then derived from the use of purgative medicines is

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were the victims of the pestilence in its most aggravated shape.

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for several days, but the discharges, which we could not control,

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taken before the milk flows freely, and that holding the babe too much

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notice of this useful invention is in our advertising pages.

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tered without benefit. Electricity afforded no relief. The patient has

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current. Not unfrequently an entire stagnation of the current in some

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without tracheotomy, the oleo-resinous extract of cubebs had been

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In the treatment of chronic diseases, it may often happen that

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cies, and still with a heart overflowing with grati-

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mere distention ; and that it is not of a passive but an active nature.

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