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something towards the abatement of the doctrine of non -interference,
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the British Medical Journal, furnishes a forcible illustration of the fact
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Recovery followed. It does not seem rational, as some have done, to assert
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tion, the hsematosis, and general nutrition. When a patient with
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temporarily and occasionally vesication was produced,
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2. That there would be some chance for his life if the ca>^ty could be found and an
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carried out by him is not large enough to warrant any definite conclu-
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vice. The burrs can be used with the greatest delicacy.
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belonged typhoid fever, and cholera, as Dr. Loomis be-
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It is not many years ago that human infectious dis-
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densely populated district of East London the rate diminished
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the question lies in whether there is more danger from opera-
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half, and politely intimated that she had called to say that
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h;is sliown tljit he possesses a disposition tliat has led
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□ Copy deadline for NEWS HIGHLIGHTS/PHYSICIAN BRIEFS is first of the month preceding the month of publication:
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would complete her cure. She carried the partly Sezed member in an extem-
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physical examination reveals no sign of organic diseas^i
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howling mob at Amiens ; and everyone who has seen a savage
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ing from the sight of certain objects ; and death from a moderate blow
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of this tjTje of hospital car have achieved more than a moderate degree
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ensued after Self-mutilation, occurring in the practice of Mr.
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tened in their downward march liy abortive efforts to subdue the
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stitches to remove. The scar left is a slight linear one, and after a few
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sionally hematuria occurs. Extravasations are not uncommon, giving
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from a therapeutic standpoint. Constipation, he said,
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sules were easily removed, and the conective tissue was
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Case I. — After having tried all the ordinary means in a case of cholera,
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selves without appreciable alteration of their nutrient cells ; a condition