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fully and thoroughly studied. The chapter on diagnosis of car-

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Bertrand, Xicolaus. Nova philosophandi ratio de minis.*** Rhedonis,

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ers establish evacuation policies, subject to approval of the theater

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dence of hemolytic streptococci in the empyemas following pneu-

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importance in its relation to health. Here, I want to

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Proctoscopy revealed the presence of 4 rectal valves. The lower

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Fifteen days after the first operation the child developed

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fat, and forming a complete closely investing capsule round a true

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companied by vague pains over the precordia, and his

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nation, showing a vein containing spirilla. Magnification. 1,000 diameters.

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When I received a letter of acceptance to the Harvard-

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covered bulldog clamp, after which the sleeve of vessel wall was drawn up

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der, had been opened, an accident very materially in-

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ogy— Dr. Wm. M. Compton, of Mississippi, Chairman ;

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dilatation of the vesicles of a colloidal engaged in the superior thoracic opening,

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abducens are most frequently attacked. Paralysis of the pars minor

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bably a mere " drug seller," speaking with imqualified autho-

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present combination of abnormal conditions with the partu-

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states of vigorous development. One was a species of lichen,

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into the system. I cannot persuade myself that the smell was accidental

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able time and labour are wasted. It is all very well for a

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obstruction. Appreciating the liability of mjury to the

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incorporate their previous interpretation and operation, the

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tion is favorable to blindness, as Fayette, and Columbia.

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The rapidity with which the eruption appeared and vanished i.s to me

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under inspection to fall on it. This method necessarily

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chase by the trustees of the University of Illinois, of

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essential step towards its solution. In the present case there is,

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Vascular System. With Illustrations from the Sphygmograph. By

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within the nipple-Une of the right side, too low down

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offer special courses in the theory and practice of phy-

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dilated. Dr. Buller examined his eyes, and found that all the

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however, admits that it is occasionally off color and of a

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American from the Ninth English edition. In one very handsome octavo volume of 700 pages,

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tant of therapeutical principles. In consequence of its