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which depends upon a persistence after birth of the foetal condition of
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ply. Endarteritis, so fatal to the tissues supplied by terminal arteries,
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tant question of the prophylaxis of the disease. It is evident that
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aggravate the eczema, and much weeping is the result. The exudation
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either diffuse, or limited to undefined spots ; and, in a perverted secre-
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These discoveries were disquieting to those who specialized in the
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on the elevated lines, which proves that their muscu-
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shown by the thermometer in the axilla, according to the observations of
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Dr. Turner's Case of Congenital Malformation of the Heart. 5
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symptoms caused by it. It should be remembered, how-
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there is a markedly increased irritability. That the tired man
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quency of syphilis as a factor in the aneurisms occurring in women :
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solution of chlorate of potash is taken into the stomach, a portion — as is the rule
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fever. In this membrane, in the portion of it that invested tlie ribs,,
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In the Maternity Hospital, when the report was made by the House Staff that
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be distinguished by the presence of a single in place of a double
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negative or doubtful reaction in reference to lactic
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Dr Royal Whitman's insole was first suggested to me by my
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always much more pronounced in these cases than in those under the
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exceedingly liable to diphtheritic inflammation, which often involves the
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delphia; assisted by H. R. M. Landis, M.D., Assistant Phy-
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old, and had been guilty of unnatural conduct towards another boy eight
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from its correct place in the life of the human race and invested with a strained
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logical examination, and the results obtained are very similar to
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tlie tissues outside the vessels, or exerting their action, at the outset, upon
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Secretary: Sykes, Ralph J., Weldon; Med. Coll. of Va., 1934 1936 1936
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the right side weak in natural sound. I turned the boy upside down, heels up
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full, hard and frequent. The fever runs high, and is
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allow of the passage of the rod to the capsule. A little sand
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OTTERBEIN DRESSLER, D.O., xM.Sc, Pathologist and Director of Lab-
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manometer be placed on an artery and carefully watched.
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rassed countenance, the whole injury was found, on dissection, to be
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present, which is decomposed by the oxygen of the " chameleon"
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with only partial relief. I then put the child on the hypophosphites, and
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32 general hospitals offering pediatric inpatient services.*