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irritation, constant annoyance from itching, inflammation of the

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"Qu'en raison des susceptibilites individuelles, iln'est point d'organe

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being a tonic- almost specific in malarial troubles, it is also indicated

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to recurrence and to frequent exacerbations without apparent cause.

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arily as the outcome of the gouty dyscrasia. In severe cases the act

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is a matter of course that when both the walls of the ventricle

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become involved, and all their joints are invaded by the progress of

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below). The other sorts of sugar are less suitable for this purpose:

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or ravenous as to exceed the ability of the stomach to digest the

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Carrying on this line of argument we cannot fail to see, not only that

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which is easy. The pain limited to a certain muscular region, the

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and that albuminuria may follow convulsive attacks. Difficulties of another

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arthritic predisposition. Grasset has long since called attention to

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region reveals that kidney substance may exist. No such microscopic

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April 16th, vesp.: Lies in bed unable to move, and every now and

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Other peculiarities of acute rheumatism there are which it is im-

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ments are put into the animal body, and when the animal is killed, after a

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mischief or the incipience of graver troubles. They are usually abundantly

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The causes which lead to an abnormal formation and accumulation

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matic one he will suffer severely, and the majority of his rheumatic

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is very questionable whether such a view of the relation of cause and

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ments as developed by novel reading should be guarded against,

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Among the neuritic symptoms encountered in the course of dia-

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obesity. Only a number of intercurrent concomitant and dependent

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good remedy, especially for children, when vomiting is indicated in

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The chief symptom is pain, which is not constant but paroxysmal,

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upon it. The frequent early development, the course, the rapid or

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lations dependent upon it, or between the absence of this activity and

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Mix. Make into twenty pills or capsules. Dose one every four

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receive debris, which must be transported to some other organ for

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some cases. All cases of pneumonia do not have critical perspira-

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It has considerable power to relieve diarrhoea and hemorrhage of the

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which he found in the blood of those suffering from malarial fever

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the presence in the food of levulose as such, or in combination with glucose

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this class of laborers, unless, like the London 'longshoremen, thc>

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The scarfskin contains a substance called keratin which neither

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from within. Among the common external causes may be mentioned