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blue spots are due to the presence of pediculi. This opinion has been con-

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and quickly examined, and such examination should be

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tune has rendered all his science and industry unnecessary as a means of

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was inspired by Lombroso's views upon the disease. The Italian meas-

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examinations should "be paid from the funds of the Geuersil

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pus into the vagina or womb ; a purulent leucorrhoea present

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growth or the laying down of considerable masses of soft, spongy

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I have failed to see the slightest result. The local treatment

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The patient from this time wore the appearance of conval-

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tion of the normal and subnormal demands life-guardian-

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recommends anterior tamponing, ergotine injections, and

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homatropin is the most useful drug yet known. One drop of solution,

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indicating the presence of fluorine. The amount of CaO excreted in the

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to boiling for a new lot of receptacles, which, with their

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a toxa;mia. particularly when constipation exists and has

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in Paris, and certain that later, in Bologna, he saw dis-

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any other student, 1 do not see why he is to be put in the back-ground different to anothe.y^.t;li

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'95. London : Smith, Elder, & Co., 1895. Pp. 67.

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deep-seated, and extends throughout the alveolar process

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inpatient care, rather than a State or County hospital.

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V. The more remote influence of large doses of chlo-

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under the skin of the limb most painful. In ten minutes he was

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to realise the importance of that form of treatment. Mrs.

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ide and chloral were given internally, and a 1 per cent, solution

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like hue varied in depth, his spirits were less depressed, and he re-

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congenital backward dislocations, and that of li. W. Hmith, in

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The lymphatic glands beneath the jaw have increased in size,

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analyzed with the Henderson-Orsat gas analyzer and the partial

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records well show, for out of 45 cases in which the age at onset is given,

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fifth day of the disease and may develop in large amount. Thus, the

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cated young men generally. The urgency of the case,

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allowing itself to be easily removed with a sharp in-

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Health, has established an armed quarantine in northern Penn-

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tells a laughable story of a medical acquaintance of his own, having

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