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with laryngeal diphtheria without operative interference do not die, but a

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well-known symptom. This has especial importance in the early diagnosis

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The third group ferments monosaccharide, saccharose and mannite

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When more or less continuous pressure is made on the skin, as about the

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fattening close to the outlet of the sewer — and besides it is our duty to des-

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qualified. By way of illustration, I will cite an instance

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insufficiency may be noted. Phlebitis with the formation of thrombi is a

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metoclopramide is a dopamine d2-receptor antagonist

siirely set up a congestion which in its turn may lead to

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the inha-bitants have become immune, or its progress has been arrested by the

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a constant companion of war, it has been more fatal to armies than powder

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painful. There may be much or httle exudation, or there may be great pain

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IjTnphatics through the tonsils, sphenoidal sinuses, the antrum of Highmore

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Prognosis. — ^This is invariably favorable without complications, and

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are alw^ays increased. Memminger, 1899, "The quantity of

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fever. Fever is practically always present and frequently high. Careful

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occur in the lymphoid tissue of the intestine and in the mesenteric glands.

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information accumulates in our companies' offices, the same

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like those favoring typhus fever. Poverty, overcrowding, deficient nourish-

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especially from the womb." He states further that he had seen 3 cases

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differences, and there is much to support this view. Elmassian, Luzzatto,

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the liberation of bactericidal substances by the leukocytes; but now it seems

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Joint Symptoms. — Occasionally there may be pain or swelling of the

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turn a number of children and an adult. Groth reports a case and states

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numerous respectable, honest physicians we select our men.

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observed that the staphylococcus produces a substance which rapidly

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with a pseudocrisis as it does with the real crisis. If the critical drop of

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Streptococcus pyogenes was also found in a certain number of cases.

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Among 1,196 laparotomies at Munich, Gebele found disease of the lung

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to a secondary invasion, as a streptococcaemia in diphtheria. The latter

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reach tlirt ujicro-organism burit-d in the tissues. Therefore,

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pendent investigation in which they had isolated this diplococcus from 8

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persons resisting an intoxication to which old and debilitated subjects suc-

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examination of the mortality of married females of the

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agent was such a successful one that they shovdd be obliged

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policy-holders. The aortic indirect murmur is an indication

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