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disease of the kidneys. The patient was discharged much improved, but sub-

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It is equally apparent that mere cold is not the determin-

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dogs and a boy, and examination by the bacteriologi-

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one ; for aside from the fact that the Institute met in the East

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ing, and on the following day a slight chill, followed by moderate sweating.

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alludes to them in the preface to his work On the Alimentary Canal as " a

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under their wings. Nay, what does the schoolboy do, when left in a dormitory

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In makins: our clinical observations of cases of toxic amau-

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and motion. Caspar Hoffman opposed the ancient doctrine as to the use of the ventricles in

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all of which symptoms indicate meningitis. The diagnosis of meningitis as a

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regarded the brain as an inert mass devoid of sensation,

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Dead Chinamen as Freight* — A curious freight which is

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fighter or a ballet-girl, or the ruler of a State, are not slow to

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unfavourable results had followed an attempt to relieve the

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varying dilutions of the patient's serum or of the antigen employed.

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of the ordinary methods ; save that this diplococcus docs not stain by

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phatically that microscopic observations and experiments on the arteries

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urination pilocarpine and metoprolol eye drops

cated, as there was also no indication of solid visceral lesion. In

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desiccation, but in those cases not accompanied by a

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less rapidly during the first few days, might be expected, for the

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I have spoken. With all due respect to Dr. Worcester

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Prudden in 1889. He studied by microscopical examination and cul-

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ered. The difficulty lies in the fact that the insecticide must

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patients do not fall into the hands of fakirs. Muscle

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centres, but that for this mere comprehension it is not necessary for the

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In the Prc.'<l)yterian Hospital of this city there exists

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six days. There was no appearance of danger, nor manie that

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colloid degeneration in the wall of the latter. The inner surface ol the large dermcnd cyst

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When, however, the spasms are of a very violent character, and

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both seemingly from a development of the disease on the mucous