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the incision should, in almost all cases, be carried down to the upper

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there was pulsation at the umbilical cord. It was immediately introduced

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of the hospitals under the Metropolitan Asylums Board of London, and the

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first. The pump is againt umed on and chloroform passes for the remainder

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Beitrdge z. Augenheilkundc, June 1902.— Dr. T. Graham Forbes. " On the Influence of Heredi-

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sion of correct medical knowledge beyond the limits of the medical

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Trustees nor the Rhode Island Medical Society hold themselves responsible for

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much before the age of five years, orthopedic apparatus must be employed

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metoprolol tartrate to carvedilol dose conversion

the pupil is widely dilated and the inflammation has subsided. These

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phthisis, and will then be treated at much greater length.

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and both sustaining themselves, though in advanced life, by that tone of

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The pupils) will be admitted to the practice ofthe Massachnsetts General Honpitnl, and wilt receive

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" It has pleased God to visit our town with that dreadful disease, the

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putra, and have been the subjects of a fever coming with the greatest

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In gun-shot wounds, when balls pass and fracture only the cylindrical

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symptoms. In some cases, however, this process has gone on to advanced

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or stoop. A stoop, added to a lateral curvature, renders it complex, be-

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Board on the 1st of December last, resolved to establish a medical de-

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any definite results. Eoulerton admits that so far nothing more than mere

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galvanism as a remedial agent, which we would recommend to our medi-

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ened my feelings, I cannot but be 6lled with astonishment, that in this en-

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stand, or in delicate cases lying prone in bed. The operator always acts from

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tration of common salt, followed by an emetic. White of egg and icQ, with

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of the less moveable parts or globules of pus would take place, as the

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metastasis. This is a common thing in articular rheumatism, and, as in

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The observations and judgment of Dr. Graves are justly considered

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tigo, dinmess of sight, trembling and anxiety — help the appetite, and

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have no teeth, but the margins of their jaws are sheathed in horny cases. The

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that exophthalmic goitre being due to the opposite condition of excess of

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this type of skin tuberculosis in butchers who had handled tuberculous

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superficial worm-eaten appearance, which is somewhat characteristic. This

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cases might be cited, as evidence that the method detailed above of re-

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[Comtnanicated for Uie Bofton Medicftl and Sorglea] JoanuJ.]

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posure, with a dark-red or lead-colored efflorescence, tumefaction, heat,

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*' The transition from the state of crudity of the tubercles to that of

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by several days of intermittent fever, when the course of the typhoid symp-

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leprosy was somewhat prevalent, and pointed out that some cases which