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be associated in their origin with the causes that produce heterotaxy. The
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half filled with water. The products are acetic acid, eussion, parafin,
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vious to the formation of the semicircular canal, as consistin<r of a
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I Treatment, one grain of opium every four hours. The digestive or-
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are trembled downwards and pressed against the sides during the exhalation,
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Tbe sixteenth, less expression of pain, and less flush ; soreness io
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on boiling and crystallises, on cooling, in gold-coloured scales. Potassium
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asylum at Ivry, two and a half miles from Paris. M. Falret, with M.
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year in advance, t3.50 after thVee monthly, and $4,00 if not paid within the year.— Agents allowad
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in phthisis and other chronic diseases. I have observed in phthisis, firsts
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leave a tortuous or stellate fissure or ulcer which tends slowly to increase
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is subjected to numerous accidents. There is considerable variety in
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and not to open the trachea till its rings are recognised — are observed the
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isolated their identity is not capable of being definitely determined by
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ject ; and he properly remarks, ^* I do not know any point on which
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Drop doses of aconite tincture given every hour is a favourite remedy
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blastodermic activity. Temporary scaiSbldings are, as it were, raised in
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similar symptoms as operative procedure has several times conclusively
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to be cramped by want of room. The capsule of the gland must be
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needle-work in particular, and writing were also stopped. Daily walking in the
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eyes and nose. In typhus the rash never invades the face, and the eyes
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We have already seen that myxcedema is due to loss of thyi^oidal secretion, so
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demanded great bodily strength, industry and courage — exposed to cold
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Backbitings and talking scandal must cease ; consequently gossips
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fioiation of the chastity of the female ? The hair in this case was as
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Zittman." So, too, among the subjects of chronic syphilis affecting, the
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myelic type, while vasomotor and trophic changes and spinal curvature do
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" We have seen cases of the most violent outrageous delirium subside