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ally attended by graver symptoms than from the minute arterial twigs. An
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wifery. Licentiates of the Colleges of Physicians of London or Edin-
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Headache and vertigo are very common. Apoplectiform seizures are com-
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Midwifery cases only ; the other, the Auxiliary Hospital, is set apart
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ting a gagging reflex. This absence of the pharyngeal reflex is a particularly
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Auditors who, without aspiring to a doctoral grade, wish to be admitted
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the cell itself is destroyed. If, however, the motor nerve degenerates, the
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aim at removing the cause of the disease, if there be one, such as decayed
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bacteriologic examination of blood, urine, sputum, gastric contents, feces, secretions,
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frontal muscles and the orbicularis palpebrarum are unaffected, while in
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noticeable approximately at the time of puberty. It is very often generic and
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of the Hospital can obtain the Fever and Ophthalmic certificates required by the
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Tremor, muscular weakness. Loss of sleep. Visual disturbances (amblyopia,
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(4) Latin, including translation and grammar, and one of the following
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period of fetal life, while the fibers connected with other regions become
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guaranteed by the Government to private students attending the
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65 per cent stress on obstetrics, covering antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum
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the movements of the several joints slowly and as regularly as possible sev-
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wrapping, and cartoning. ""^"^"^^^-^^^ *^ ^^^^ ^or bulk packaging or for printing.
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it is never so well marked in the posterior columns as it is in true tabes.
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Edward Buckman, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery (Genito-urinary).
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cephalus {vide infra, the section on diseases of the brain). (I) Subacute and
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Sl.Ie/n was':?deff uled""?!; h" .p^'^'Af^i JfiL^tfdl^f ^"
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develop in the legs. The speech is sometimes quite as decidedly scanning as
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eyes, by taking an arm or a leg firmly in both hands, and then by making
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1877. Dr. Eliza Dnnbar (M.D. Znrioh), 4, Buckingham-TillaB, Clifton,
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to indulge immoderately in alcohol, to spend money recklessly and foolishly,
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trunk muscles) have also a bilateral innervation. From each corresponding
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patient with bulbar paralysis thus comes to bear a very characteristic stamp
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5th. Eaoh professor shall, at xnteryals, oall a roll of the names of the stadents
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home (Aix, Tolz, Hall in Upper Austria, Wiesbaden, etc.). These resorts are
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When it is necessary to call the patient's attention to the investigation, it is
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cine," 1880; Taylor's " Manual of Medical Jurisprudence." Embryology :
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tfwr d&velopB^t will occur. Af^r a variable period of ^tiiae each egg irtiriwltaift m
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thin, and very likely oppressed by nervous dyspepsia, we should, on the other
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is sometimes quite impossible, or at best it can be made with a fair amount of
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optic thalamus is of importance for the movements of mimetic expression
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congenital or which has at least developed from outward circumstances on
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the affected side are pale, the skin is cool, the temporal arteries contracted, the
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very defective. If we except occasional immaterial changes in the skull, such